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  • Specialists in custom electronics, mechanical and software engineering.


Some of Pi Logic's specialities are data acquisition signal conditioning LED lighting power steering control

But most importantly because we have lots of in-house manufacturing capability we can rapidly design and prototype whatever you want. We can take things into full production quickly as few people are involved in decision making.

Our Capabilities

Electronic Design

Digital, analogue, power supplies and RF.


Enclosures, mechatronics and chassis.


Windows, Linux, web and embedded.


Code that runs on FPGAs.

PCB Manufacture

In house with SMT and through-hole.

CNC Machining

Vertical, horizontal and turning capability.


Specialists in LED lighting solutions.

Research & Development

Decades of experience in R&D projects.

and more...

As an SME company you will deal directly with the engineers and directors of the company, no midldle management and plain straight talking.
With all our in-house manufacturing capability and large stock of supplies we do not have to wait on third-party suppliers.
We take pride in our work and are always available to offer support in the situation that products do not work as expected.

About Us

Pi Logic, formerly PIDAS Systems in the U.S.A., was formed in 1987 in response to a demand for data acquisition and specialist instrumentation. It's main objective is research, development and production of electronic instrumentation and services for the industrial field. Since it's formation it has developed and manufactured several product lines from concepts originated within the company or as part of joint projects with other companies.

Pi Logic has had two Stage-1 and one Stage-2 SMART (Small Firms Merit Award for Research and Technology).

Particular areas of expertise are:

  • Miniaturised, completely stand-alone data loggers with signal conditioning, processing and on-board solid state storage;
  • Signal conditioning front-end for third party A/D cards in PC based data acquisition systems;
  • Custom turn-key signal conditioning and data logging systems;
  • DC-DC constant current LED drivers for signs, lighting, etc.

Pi Logic has excellent R&D facilities with up-to-date computer systems, machining capability, CAD systems as well as in-house printed circuit board manufacture and assembly. In summary it has all the necessary equipment to take a project from concept to finished product.

Being an SME company is one of Pi Logic's strengths in that it allows for extremely quick turn-around of work since very few people are involved in the decision making process.

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The Office

  • Address: Pi Logic Ltd, Whitland, Wales, SA34 0RU
  • Phone: +44 (1994) 448701

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